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We are unique, different, unusual, strange, nerdy, funky, crazy and still professional – we will look after your matter as if it’s our own – we can get things wrong at times – we are human – we try our best for you and correct our mistakes and work for your best interests.  We are people of many backgrounds who share a passion for love and service.  Here’s an insight into us and what we are doing.

12th January 2023

Big Welcome to Hongkongers

According to government statistics on visa applications, we are expecting to welcome over 140,000 Hongkongers to our country sooner or later. Moving countries are never easy — from finding a home to settle to developing a sense of belonging, we are met with uncertainties, but it is comforting to know that there are thousands of fellows on the same journey.

As a conveyancing firm we devote ourselves to making the first step of establishing a new home in the UK as worry-free as possible for newcomers. We now offer to communicate with clients in Cantonese and Mandarin, so if you are ready to buy a property here and are looking for trusted conveyancing services in Chinese, make us your first contact. Hongkongers are always supportive of each other!

Contact our very own Hongkonger by email at or  call her on 0118 952 2780 with anything we can help you with.

29th December 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Law is making a big impact

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already starting to have an impact on the field of conveyancing and is expected to continue to do so in the future.

One way that AI is being used in conveyancing is through the use of chatbots and virtual assistants. These tools can help to streamline the process of buying and selling property by automating tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments, and gathering information. This can save time and resources for both buyers and sellers, as well as for the conveyancers working on their behalf.

Another potential use of AI in conveyancing is through the use of predictive analytics. By analyzing large amounts of data, AI systems can help to identify trends and patterns that may impact the success of a conveyancing transaction. This can be especially useful in identifying potential risks or issues that may arise during the process.

Overall, the use of AI in conveyancing is likely to lead to increased efficiency and reduced costs. However, it is important to ensure that the use of AI in this field is done in a responsible and transparent manner, and that it does not compromise the quality of legal services or the protection of clients’ rights.

NB: This blog was written by Artificial Intelligence!!!

1st December 2022

Book your Family Mediation Appointment now

Family Mediation Week is 16-20 January 2022.  There will be a lot in the press about this and on the internet, explaining the benefits of this for you and your family.  But how do you know whether the Mediator you are instructing has the experience to help you?   Anyone can call themselves a mediator but not everyone has the qualifications that matter.

Our family specialist is accredited by the Family Mediation Council and a qualified Professional Practice consultant with considerable experience in mediation over a 30 year legal career.   

Mediation is a cost effective way of resolving your family disputes which preserves civility and co-operation in your relationship, which we think is essential for your own dignity and mental health.  Importantly it also enables you to work together for the benefit of the family as a whole.

Initial sessions are confidential and can be carried out remotely.  Contact us for more information at or call us on 0118 957 4424

18th November 2022

Introducing Loraine Chan and our Hong Kong Department

Did you know property prices in Hong Kong are nearly 840% of the global average? A 1500 sq ft. flat located in major districts can cost up to £7,000,000!

Hence, coming from Hong Kong, I completely understand how big of a life decision it is to buy a property. As I grew, I have seen people around me start saving up to buy a flat at a very young age but it is ever so challenging to catch up the skyrocketing prices.

It is therefore particularly meaningful for me to kickstart my legal career at E J Winter & Son where we are committed to making the conveyancing process as stress-free as possible by demonstrating precision and diligence.

So, Hong Kong fellows in the UK, if you are ready to purchase a new home here, I promise we are the best firm you can find and I can’t wait to say hi to you!

My name is Loraine, by the way 😊 你好!

Contact me by email at or  call me on 0118 952 2780 with anything I can help you with.

11th November 2022

Let’s meet Kelechi … one of the new faces at E J Winter

Kelechi joined us earlier this year in June 2022 after completing his LPC .  He is originally from Nigeria but came over to the UK in 2017 with the ambition to qualify as a solicitor in the UK.  He studied Law at the University of Reading and is now gaining valuable experience in the conveyancing team.

Here is what Kelechi has had to say:

It has been really enjoyable!!  My knowledge has grown and I’ve really been offered a conducive environment to grow my confidence that I can achieve my aspirations.  With a very lively and friendly team, it has been made to feel like home almost straightaway.

At the same time, I have still felt challenged to dig deep to ensure I develop into my role strongly.  I feel I’ve been offered more responsibility than someone with my experience would normally get at a typical law firm and I’ve benefited from this enormously.

There has been a huge effort from the team to ensure I am developing well and I’m so glad I came here. I think I have said this a few times now but it really is an amazing place to be.  

23rd October 2022

E J Winter’s New Head of Security

After months of training, we are pleased to confirm that Kobi has now passed his probation and has been officially promoted to Head of Security!

Please feel free to pop in to see him in person – Both Kobi and Arnie, our Head of Entertainment, are happy to help with any legal enquiries and accept payments in treats 🐶

You can now even email Kobi at and he promises a reply to every message.

25th May 2021


Arnie, the pedigree American Cocker Spaniel mascot and Head of Entertainment here at E J Winter has been promoted to our management team.

To celebrate this momentous achievement he has had his hair cut and a full pamper.  Arnie would like to thank everyone that has contributed towards his success and meteoric rise.  As a special promotion please mention Arnie to receive a discount of 10% of your Will until the end of December 2021.

If you need any help in Reading or Bracknell with conveyancing, wills or probate or family law contact Arnie and his team for free initial advice and assistance at or by calling 0118 957 4424 or 01344 53 4424.

20th May 2021


As a potential client, which is more important to you – cost or service?  At E J Winter & Son, we have chosen to offer a fair pricing policy to all.  We do not offer discounted pricing or negotiate on the quotes provided.

 We offer superior personal service to all of our clients.  You will know who is looking after your case and we’re very accessible via telephone or email.  We also bring our expertise: your matter will be taken care of by a qualified solicitor with years of experience.

We are in our own lane – and offer a unique personal experience we would love to share with you.  If you are going through a divorce, buying or selling a house, flat or apartment, looking to obtain a Will or have lost a loved one and need help with the administration of their estate or probate please call our Reading office on 0118 957 4424 or our Bracknell office on 01344 53 4424.  You can also email us at or use our contact form by clicking here.


15th May 2021


It is just one of those things, we go about out business in life and other things take precedence.  We know we need to make a Will to protect our family, we know we should do it today but other things take priority.

What no one knows is when our time on this spinning rock will end – nor should anyone know this – but we need to be prepared.

A Will allows you to control what happens to your assets when you die, expresses your wish on who should look after your children and ultimately stops any uncertainty when your time is up.

Make a Will today – it is far cheaper than you imagine.  Contact Stuart Hyden our Wills and Probate partner by emailing, or calling 0118 957 4424 or by clicking here for a free no obligation quote.

1st May 2021


Our Reading team has moved to our incredible new offices at One Forbury Square.  Offering our unique blend of Property Law (conveyancing), Family Law and Wills and Probate  our Reading team has established itself as leading providers of legal services in Berkshire.  Come along and meet Arnie – our American Cocker Spaniel Head of Entertainment.

Call our Reading team on 0118 957 4424 or email

10th April 2021


Hello Bracknell!  E J Winter & Son LLP Solicitors have now opened an office in Bracknell specialising in Property Law (Conveyancing), Family Law and Wills and Probate.  Headed by Stuart Hyden a leading specialist Wills and Probate Solicitor and Partner we are open for business.   Call us today on 01344 53 4424 or email

To celebrate our opening we are offering a limited time discount of 25% off our Wills for Bracknell residents.  To take advantage of this promotion you must live in or within 3 miles of Bracknell and email us before 30 June 2021 expressing an interest in obtaining a Will.  The offer is limited to two Wills per household.

1st April 2021


We are looking for senior solicitors, licenced conveyancers, legal executives or anyone with real talent and ability to work in our Property, Family and Wills and Probate teams.  No suits, no status, no egos – just love and service for our clients and colleagues.  Email your CV to in complete confidence –  partnership is also available. 

15th March 2021


Our resident head of entertainment Arnie has now got his very own email address.  You can email him at for a friendly reply.  Arnie is regularly mistaken for a cockapoo but is in fact a pedigree American Cocker Spaniel and from very good stock.

Arnie helps us dealing with all matters Property Law (Conveyancing), Family Law and Wills and Probate from our Reading office and can be contacted on 0118 957 4424 or email

14th February 2021


Ernest James Winter was an extraordinary man.  Mentioned twice in dispatches by Winston Churchill for his bravery in World War I (when Mr Churchill was minster for war!) Ernest went on to qualify as a Solicitor on this day in 1925.  

Mr Winter set up E J Winter in 1927 (and later E J Winter & Son when his son Geoffrey joined).  Thank you sir – you do not know the lives you have touched and changed but we are very grateful and honoured to still practice in your name.

Pictured here in 1940 we still serve the local communities in Berkshire and North Hampshire offering expert advice in relation to Property Law (Conveyancing), Family Law and Wills and Probate.